Here in my virtual writing living room.

You will find me always dreaming of writing, and working on new poems and short essays, as well as my manuscript and photos. I love having other writers and creatives around me, so please come in and join me for a cup of tea, some authentic conversation, and some down to earth honest writing. We don’t have to do this alone. Writing in community is inspiring and encouraging.

I am also sharing about writing tools and inspiration, workshops, writing + mental health, writing paired with food and atmosphere, publishing, and all things writing and creativity. Please bring your notebook and pen, and stay a while.

I care very much about mental health, self-care, trauma-healing, and living in the present moment (mindfulness). You will find stories and activities related to these areas of our personal journeys, in areas of writing and wellness.

Finally as a writer, book lover, Librarian and book club leader, you can be sure I love books, and I have book reviews, inspiration, and more for you to discover here. (Also, a little secret: the more you read, the more you will be inspired to write.)

So glad you are here.
Here you will find me dreaming of writing.

Join me in my virtual writing living room.

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Eating Creatively = Writing Creatively!

Want to boost your creativity? So often we talk about all the factors that increase our creativity in writing, art, creative projects, and more. We mention atmosphere, writing places, mood, inspiring photos and candles, nature walks, fresh air and more. But not too often do we talk about food + writing. Food is one of […]

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Festive Fondue

It’s a Fondue Holiday! Growing up Swiss-German-Canadian, a delicious hot Swiss fondue is one of my all-time favourite dinners, and it was such a treat to do this today, on Boxing Day. If you’ve ever had a fondue, you know that it’s more of an experience than a meal. A glass of wine, conversation, and […]

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T’is The Season Of Ornaments And Love

T’is the season of festive ornaments. I have so many memories of a bright pine tree with a star on top, of the smell of fresh pine and sap in our living room (a bit of cold air lingering after my Dad brought the tree in through the front door), opening those special square white […]

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My Blog

Writing poems is my life love, but I also love blogging shorter stories about food, lifestyle, community living, dogs, creativity, soul stories (running) and more. I was a creative writer before a blogger, and so my writing takes me everywhere, into all areas of life! What do you love to write about? Drop me a message on the Contact Page–I’d love to hear more.

Writing & Creativity

Writing is who I am. I have an MA in Creative Writing + English Literature. I am also an online influencer and educator around writing and creativity, and as well have my own work published and work in my day job as a Librarian. Join me to learn about writing, creativity, writing together, writing tools and inspiration, the writing life, writing workshop support, and so much more.

Writing + Mental Health

Mental health, mental wellness, health and wellness … all of these terms are growing in popularity in everyday conversation, as more people feel safe and confident enough to stand up and share, to ask for help, and to advocate for others who are struggling. Writing has a huge role in mental wellness. We can find many ways to write ourselves towards wellness, and I hope you will explore this with me here.

Welcome, let me introduce myself!

So glad to have you along for the journey.

“I was only a kid, but I knew the truth:
that anyone with a wing dragging
in the dust needed more
from the world than
it was giving them– “

Debra Franke, Killdeer

You are the crystallized
copper specimen extracted with
hammer and chisel under water,
herringbone necklace
hanging on my neck

Debra Franke, Gull Rock Fissure Vein, Keweenaw County

About Me

My name is Debra. I am a writer, poet, creative, Librarian, photographer, dog mama, and community builder. I also have my MA (Creative Writing & English Literature) and writing, poetry, online coaching, inspiring, and educating. I am also curious about writing paired with food, mood, atmosphere, music, and more.

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Join us for some community writing. Virtually, we have no address, but this blog is your starting point on the journey and into my virtual writing living room. I am creating an honest and authentic space in which you can belong and be yourself in words, language, and your life.

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