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@ Baseline Press, 2014.

Writing Portfolio

I have my MA (Creative Writing + English Literature). My poems have appeared in The Fiddlehead, Event, Dalhousie Review, Prairie FireThe Antigonish Review, and Room Of One’s Own, as well as on London Transit buses for Poetry in Motion. I participated in a six-month Emerging Writer’s poetry retreat/course at the Banff Arts Centre in Ontario, Canada, with the assistance of a grant from OAC. I have taught creative writing to a wide audience, including those facing vulnerabilities, mental illness, addiction, poverty, and more. I was a writing guest facilitator for a four-week relaxation and wellness retreat for moms seeking mental health support.

Let’s Talk Writing

Read more here to learn about writing inspiration, writing tools, and the writing life. Be inspired to keep writing your own projects and finishing your work. Learn about writing with the five sense, reflective writing, writing “what am I really trying to say,” being specific and connected with your audience, bringing depth to your writing, finding the right genre for you, and going deeper in your writing life. Complimentary writing tool gifts included in some posts.

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There is nothing better than when we come together as writers, spurring one another one, encouraging each other, and sharing our writing inspiration and energy. I invite you to join me in this creative season of life, and write with me in community. As I write, I am entirely a better writer when I am on a shared journey with other writers. Keep reading to join me, get some complimentary gifts: writing tools, inspiration, and 7 days of writing love. Click on the images or headings below.

Was my blessing the chestnut horses? Or was it my heart rising like the morning?

Debra Franke