Wholehearted Living Book Club

Debra Franke & Sarah Reckman are happy to invite you into our virtual book club where we will explore together what it means to live a wholehearted life, through an amazing book by a celebrated author, Brené Brown. A well-loved book that was Brené Brown’s first, The Gifts of Imperfection has been relaunched as a gorgeous turquoise and gold anniversary edition, with more tools and insights than ever. We think it’s the perfect time to gather around this title, and find ourselves deep in these pages.

We will be hosting a private Facebook Group, where we will meet, connect, discuss, reflect, and learn together. We will also host Zoom discussion meetings every other week. Perhaps think of it as a virtual living room book discussion, where we can be cozy, bring our blankets and sweaters, and wear our favourite slippers.

But WHY sign up for this book club, when there are so many book clubs already out there? Great question! Because this is not just about reading and discussing a book–this is about an entire experience. Bringing together our gifts of social work and psychology, along with years of experience in community building, mental wellness, and creative living, we want to go deeper than other book clubs, into a wholehearted place of fuller connection.

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