When Silence Saves Us

Words. They are everywhere. Our most intimate moments, relationship moments, community and world moments, are all made up of words. Every day we say and read hundreds and thousands of words. Language is primarily spoken and written. I use words constantly at home, at work, and in my life. Expressing what we feel and think … Read more

How Do Acts of Love Inspire Your Day?

“We are not called by God to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things with extraordinary love.”     —Jean Vanier (founder of L’Arche) Doing ordinary things with extraordinary love–what does this really mean? What would you consider an ordinary thing and how can this small act be transformed for someone else into extraordinary … Read more

Hygge for the Heart (and Holidays): Top 8 Best Ways For Cozy Connection

This year I felt the spirit of the holidays more than I have in a long time. Running on snowy roads lit by Christmas lights on houses, watching Christmas music videos that my housemate loves, hanging up red and sparkly decorations in our kitchen and living room, being happily surprised by my housemate decorating our … Read more

Gingerbread Love: Spread It Around

Dear friends ~~ it’s been a few days of sugar cookies and gingerbread baking in our home. It’s the first time in years that I baked at Christmas time. My mom always made amazing favourites over the years–gingerbread, hazelnut, chocolate, and more, but I never picked up the tradition. In the last couple of months, things … Read more

When Silence is Not So Silent After All

I am sitting in my living room and enjoying a rare moment of being alone in my house. I live with 2-3 roommates at any given time in a community house overseen by Sanctuary London, where I am changed for the better every day by those who have not known home and stable housing and … Read more