The Trails are Waiting With Wonder

Silver maples in the auburn sun, pirouetting light on leaves, the sun slowing setting beyond the woods like a disco ball disappearing into a memory … I was five, six, seven… I was running like the wind, I was chasing killdeer down a long driveway lined by huge pines, my hair blowing in the breeze, my favourite … Read more

Chorus of Frogs: Listening for One Voice

There is a chorus of frogs all around me. It has been one of the greatest moments of wonder so far on my trip to Victoria. My family lives in a different house now, with trails and ponds surrounding their backyard, and as I write from the sunroom, watching the red streaks of sunset over … Read more

Cats Who Love Wilderness Adventures

This morning I came across a whole new genre of blogs and social media: cats who love adventure. Hiking in flower-covered hills, sleeping in tents, walking on fence-edges of railings, perching on the edge of mountains and the tips of rowboats and sailboats with the wind in their faces… you name it, they love it. … Read more

Catnaps for Cats and Humans

My cat is a snuggling therapy cat and hunter in one.  Her name Keko means ‘blessed and lucky one’ in Japanese. She was blessed and I was blessed. And we were both lucky to find each other. She was a stray from Animal Rescue Foundation, and they had found her on a rural road on … Read more

Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Mary Oliver, a well-loved poet, talks about paying attention and noticing what’s in front of you, of being fully aware, of staying in the present moment and writing poems about where you feel awe and wonder at the world. Her poem “The Swan” helped me see a swan with more wonder and curiosity and gratitude … Read more