Spiral-writing: Getting To The Heart Of It

I have always imagined that at the very eye of the funnel cloud, you will find what the storm is really trying to say … Do you remember being in elementary school, and first hearing about brainstorming? And then being in high school and hearing about it again? And then maybe in one of your … Read more

When Silence Saves Us

Words. They are everywhere. Our most intimate moments, relationship moments, community and world moments, are all made up of words. Every day we say and read hundreds and thousands of words. Language is primarily spoken and written. I use words constantly at home, at work, and in my life. Expressing what we feel and think … Read more

Beautiful words to inspire

Some valuable words (first part of a poem) from a lovely American poet, Jane Kenyon, who died several years ago from cancer. She shared a genuine, honest, brave, and vulnerable attitude through her beautiful words, and she experienced sincere moments of gratitude. Otherwise I got out of bed on two strong legs. It might have … Read more