Easter Tulips

Easter Monday. A good day for reflection. This has been an up-and-down weekend, as I’ve heard about and witnessed so many stories of struggle and stories of redemption and healing. And I’ve seen so many moments of intense celebration and love and rejoicing this weekend, that I am simply in awe of the God of … Read more

When Silence Saves Us

Words. They are everywhere. Our most intimate moments, relationship moments, community and world moments, are all made up of words. Every day we say and read hundreds and thousands of words. Language is primarily spoken and written. I use words constantly at home, at work, and in my life. Expressing what we feel and think … Read more

Dogs: They Never Ghost Us or Abandon Us

“Everyone knows that dogs can be firehose-like gushers of unqualified love.”  Today I enjoyed an essay from The New York Times by Amy Sutherland on the incredible love connection between dogs and humans: Opening the Heart’s Floodgates, With A Paw. Our beloved dog companions might eat our shoes or snatch a piece of roast beef off … Read more