Writer / Poet / Creative

A Little About Me

I am a poet, writer, and creative, first and foremost. I also believe that love is the most important thing we can give to the world, in creative form, relationship, or other. My Honours Degree is in Psychology, and I have a Master of Arts (Creative Writing/English Literature), and my passion lies within creative and artistic expression, as well as humanness, community living, and most of all, a love for all things divine.

I care very much about mental health, self-care, trauma-healing and trauma-informed writing, and living in the present moment (mindfulness). These come together in my love of writing and photography, my blog, and my writing facilitation in the Body, Mind and Soul Online Retreat for Moms. I also live in a community house with those who are struggling with mental health, poverty, addictions, trauma and more, and this has been a core transforming, hard, and joyful part of my life. 

Finally, as a writer, poet, photographer, and Librarian, my life emerges from a love of language, words, symbols, metaphors, and story, and the way that healing and courage can rise up through our personal narratives. I have published a chapbook called Where The Back Roads Take You and I am editing a full-length manuscript, and writing a second one.

“To share your story and listen to others' stories means to love yourself and the world."

As Annie Dillard says, "the line of words is a hammer. You hammer against the walls of your house. You tap the walls, lightly, everywhere. After giving many years' attention to these things, you know what to listen for. Some of the walls are bearing walls; they have to stay, or everything will fall down."
Debra Franke