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Dreaming About Your Perfect Writing Home?

Dreaming About Your Perfect Writing Home?

How many of you are writers and creatives dreaming about your perfect writing home, where you can fill your notebooks? Or maybe you are looking for a large bright space, or even just a little corner with a small desk, window, some photos, and a shelf for your notebooks and scribbled notes? Or maybe outdoors on the deck immersed in nature, or in a rain porch with a hot chocolate. A quiet space of solitude?

I dream about something visually pleasing and uncluttered, with so much light: a space of simplicity and quiet, but also wonder. Have you ever dreamt of how you would design such a perfect place?

Searching for the perfect home.

I am currently looking for a home, and doing the months-long housing search, determined to find the perfect home with a beautiful writing vibe. And while prices are soaring, I am sincerely hoping to find a place this Spring. While searching for my ideal writing home, I have thought deeply about what a home with a great writer’s vibe would be like. Over the years, many famous writers have enjoyed lots of interesting and inspiring writing spaces, and as you can see here, you can make a writer’s space just about anywhere.

What design elements do you dream about?

Here are some thoughts I’ve had about design: big windows with lots of light, spacious wooden floors where I can do a Yoga session before I write, bright corners in the living room or den where I can read or curl up with my notebook, a large desk of with book shelves in a writing office tucked away down the hall or up in refinished attic, a nice big wooden kitchen table where I can spread out my notes and manuscript pages and letters to magazine editors, a sweet bedroom chair for reading that novel or jotting down last notes before sleep, a garden deck for morning-writing while listening to the birds, an front or back enclosed porch for rainy days, and a lovely wooden tray for bringing my tea and notebook to bed. These are only a few ideas, and the more I look through house and designer websites, the more inspired I am to make a place with the right creative mood.

What makes an inspiring writing space for you?

I am posting a few photos below of writing spaces I admire. If you are dreaming about your perfect writing home, please follow along with my journey. I would love to hear in the comments below: what makes an inspiring writing space for you? Let me know, because I will keep this in mind during my house search, and it will inspire other writers and creatives as well.

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