Jill Grunenwald’s Running With a Police Escort

When I first picked up this book at Indigo Chapters, and started browsing through the pages, I found myself laughing out loud at the recognition of myself in this narrator. Written as a memoir, this never-giving-up runner finds herself always at the back of the pack and the end of the race, to the point where a police escort helps her get to the finish line (long after the race had ended). At first I found this surprisingly and charmingly funny, and then in the same second, I realized … this would be me. I knew I needed to read this book. Not only would I empathize with the narrator entirely, but she sounded like she could empathize with me. I needed some fresh running inspiration.

In my first race two years ago, I was second to last. In another race, I found myself in the last five. One race I even found myself running at one point as slow as a woman who was speed walking. In my running group, I am always at the back. But as our coach always says, it’s not speed that matters, and I have learned that the robin gets the worm, and the tortiose can outrun the hare.

So, while I remain a slow runner, it’s time to get back into the game, since the weather is nice and my Whippet puppy (who definitely runs about 25 miles/hour faster than I do) is a bit older now.

Can’t wait to pick up the pace again while picking up this book, and being inspired by Jill Grunenwald in “Running With a Police Escort: Tales From the Back of the Pack.” A book that is real, funny, and poignant, and ensures me not one single reason to quit.

Also, this book combines two of my favourite things: reading + running. I’ll just try not to do them at the same time, lest I take out a flagpole (ps lots of fun things happen at the back of the pack!). 

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