Cats Who Love Wilderness Adventures

This morning I came across a whole new genre of blogs and social media: cats who love adventure. Hiking in flower-covered hills, sleeping in tents, walking on fence-edges of railings, perching on the edge of mountains and the tips of rowboats and sailboats with the wind in their faces… you name it, they love it. Cats and the good old outdoors. This includes a gorgeous Bengal cat named Suki who I am now loving from afar, as well as a cat who loves camping trips, and another cat who is sailing around the world with her human best friend. I am in awe of how animals impact their humans in such uplifting and connecting and courageous ways, and while having dogs along for the ride is more common (and still uniquely wonderful), to see cats in their happy, natural, wild, hunting, adventure-seeking happy zones, keeping their humans company on life-seeking journeys, has me deeply moved.

Mostly it’s Bengal cat Suki that impressed me this morning. You know that moment when you find a new blog story that shifts the world as you know it and fills you with wonder, and you know you will follow them until the end of time? Suki. Just look at this cat. Her warm tiger colours, her big green eyes, her petite face peering out from the purple flowers or the bright blue water’s edge, or how the violets and greens and teals of the landscape are made more wonderful and vibrant by her presence? I think my own cat has a bit of Suki in her, though she’s never yet had the chance to go far beyond her own yard. I’m starting to dream.

Here is Suki on Instagram. And here is the article that stole my heart, which states: “The adventurous feline is the queen of the world standing at the end of a row boat.” Most cats have aversion to water, but not so much the Bengal cat it turns out, who loves being on boats on Canadian bodies of water and submersed in the beauty of Canadian wilderness.

My own cat Keko used to go no farther than the doors and windows of our home. Then when her biting surmounted what I felt I could comfortably live with, I took the leap one day (much afraid as I was) and let her be free in our backyard. I was scared of coyotes and traffic hurting her, but so far her instincts have proved wise. She roams our yard, climbs the wooden fence, and roams a few more nearby yards, but always stays loyal, comes when I call her, and joins us again with the sweet pleasure of adventure that she keeps a secret all to herself. I imagine her secrets involve sword-wielding, karate-jumping, and crown-wearing hero stories, but of course I keep this to myself–I don’t want to intrude on her private cat world of joy.

Keko was a rescue cat, who is now a beloved pet, friend, community house cat, and therapy cat. But her really positive transformation came when we finally let her outside, free to discover and savour the world as she desperately craved. She wants to hunt, explore, be the queen of her animal kingdom, crouch in tall grass, chase and frolick, pursue mice, and widen her big green eyes at the onset of darkness, where fireflies and many other insects coax her down her own version of yellow brick roads.

Will I take her sailing someday? Or bring her with me to explore Lake Louise in Alberta, or for camping in the wilderness? I’m not sure we’re there yet. But one thing I do know for certain is that our beloved pets echo our own yearnings for journey, for space, for wilderness, and for freedom, and when they accompany us, the relationship betters us both.

What kind of cat adventures have you been on with your beloved feline? I’d love to hear in the comments below!




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4 thoughts on “Cats Who Love Wilderness Adventures

  1. My Theo was also a rescue cat and he had a history of behavioural problems. Once I started to let him outdoors, he became the sweetest fur ball. Thankfully we live on a quiet street with little traffic, and like your Keko, he has his ‘territory’ surrounding our property. Some cats just can’t thrive in a small artificial environment. Theo was one of them, and it sounds like Keko too.
    It would be cool though if he could like the car and travelling with me. We could have great adventures together …. but nope. In that way, he is totally uncool.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting here Joanne! I loved hearing about Theo, and loved knowing there is another cat out there much like mine. You are right, I guess some cats just can’t thrive in the small environment, mine is definitely finding life giving joy and peace when she goes outside ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve heard cats never go more than about 3 backyards away. This make me feel better. I’ve started following you… looking forward to seeing your posts as well.

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