On My Way…

Day 1 of Iceland, and a close friend from back home asked me if I would post a blog. So here you go, friend.

Yesterday I was officially on my way, with a 9:00 pm flight to Iceland and enough time at the airport to watch the Blue Jays hold a winning score for the first 6 wonderful innings of the game. There is something refreshing about bonding so easily with strangers through the common ground of sports. Crowded around a restaurant bar watching a baseball game–cheering together, disappointed together. One long moment of familiarity in an airport of liminal space, where everyone is coming and going and where no one, in that moment, is anchored in a space of home.

Once on the plane, I was eager to arrive–my legs were restless to walk and I craved fresh air on my face. We flew through the first half the night, lights off and screens dim, watching movies and trying to sleep. My heart went out to the sweet blonde toddler in the seat across the aisle who was struggling to sleep. Taking turns, her mom and her dad held, rocked, bounced, and soothed her for hours, but she cried continuously and slept fitfully. On the landing, her ears hurt and she could not be consoled. I felt such empathy for the parents and baby. The love and patience of a parent is extraordinary, and this little girl was definitely loved.

It was still a starry darkness when we landed at 6:05 am Iceland time. My body wanted my bed, but my heart and mind were wide awake. As I took a bus into the city and walked around for a couple of hours in the very early morning, all was quiet and grey, slightly misty, and abandoned. Along the shore, nothing moved, and windows were dark. The city of Reykjavik was still asleep in the stillness of early morning. A black cat with white paws welcomed me and wandered beside me up a long uphill street, quickly becoming my first friend in Reykjavik. After that, it was time to explore, and of course, some afternoon time in the bookstore.

I’m feeling at home in my apartment now–unpacked and groceries in the fridge. The space is small and cozy and has everything I need–a sign of how much I’d enjoy living in a tiny house. I’ll be here a week before moving on to be with friends in Scotland. Looking forward to every day here, and every opportunity for sightseeing, hiking, writing, photography, and time alone and with friends. The weather is fresh, chilly, and rainy–it wakes me up and I can’t get enough. Stay tuned for more posts and photographs every couple of days, and thanks for following along.

Street my apartment is on.
Reykjavik Harbour waking up, about 7 am.


Cat who befriended me and wandered beside me up a long street.


Sun rising, and I was so hungry for breakfast.


My little studio apartment. So cozy and bright.


I could definitely live in a tiny house, because this little one-room place is perfect.


Apartment includes kitchenette, bedroom, and private bath.


Planning to write some new poems while I’m here.


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